It had been glithed... by that EVIL!
Uil Team, Crapface Lurks #8
No image description available (yet)
Current Age 13
Date of Birth July 30th 1998
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Species / Type Mii
Current Status(es) Alive

Uil is a male Mii who is an user of Nintendo Swapnote, being the avatar of Uil Team (talk), he also makes various appearances within Swapnote letters.

Note AppearancesEdit

  • His first appearance was in Crapface Lurks #1, in which he wants to go on Mibbit, but Crapface trolls him.
  • Uil appears in Crapface Lurks #2, in which he hopes that Crapface is gone, and then he tells him to GTFO.
  1. He makes a reappearance in Crapface Lurks #3, in which he gives Crapface the middle finger.
  2. Uil appears in Annoying with 115, in which he's getting annoyed by the awesome-or-not song.
  3. Uil is seen in Crapface Lurks #5, in which he asks Eltario why he likes Crapface.
  4. He next appears in Crapface Lurks #6, where he is sad that Eltario is going to annoy him with 115 all the day.
  • His next appearance is in Crapface Lurks #7, he is being annoyed by Eltario, telling him to shut up, until Crapface comes.
  • Uil appears in Crapface Lurks #8, saying that Crapface is evil, and throwing a hammer at him.
  • He makes an appearance in Crapface Lurks #9, where he is annoyed by Crapface's pose of awesomness.
  • Uil appears in Crapface Lurks #10, where he is seen spinning the Wheel of Crap.
  • Uil then appears in Crapface Lurks #11, wondering why he is still in Crapface's studio and saying that Crapface owns him a lot of money.
  • Uil appears in Crapface Lurks #12, where Eltario gives him Crapface's To-Lurk list, and notices Arend there.


  • "Let's hope that Crapface is gone..." - Crapface Lurks #2
  • "GTFO" - Crapface Lurks #2
  • "Fucking Crapface!" - Crapface Lurks #3
  • "He's at it again..." - Annoying with 115
  • "Hey, you!" - Crapface Lurks #5
  • "You like...HIM?!?" - Crapface Lurks #5
  • "Nooooo" - Crapface Lurks #6
  • "Not 115!" - Crapface Lurks #6
  • "..." - Crapface Lurks #7
  • "Shut up, damnitt!" - Crapface Lurks #7
  • "I finally got my laptop back..." - Crapface Lurks #8
  • "It has been glithed... by that EVIL!" - Crapface Lurks #8
  • "Sigh." - Crapface Lurks #9
  • "Why am i still there?" - Crapface Lurks #11
  • "Better not..." - Crapface Lurks #11

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