Swapnote Quest is a currently going saga for Fantendo:Swapnote by Mariothemovie (Talk). It is, so far, the only saga to include chapters, although the chapters still have parts in them. Swapnote Quest is about Mason going on an adventure after he repeatedly hears the word "KILL" coming from his 3DS. He asks people what it means, and every user doesn't understand the situation. After a while, Mason meets his Dark One, Nosam, and he brcomes friends with the Fantendoians.


SwapnoteAngel The following article/section contains spoilers about letters/chapters of Swapnote.
  • Chapter 1: Mason finds a message that says "KILL" on his 3DS repeatedly...
    • Part 1: Mason shows the 3DS to Leet in order to get answers on the 3DS mystery.
    • Part 2: Mason shows the 3DS to Elt for the same reason as above, with no answer.
    • Part 3: Mason gets a mysterious letter from nowhere telling him to go to the cafeteria for answers.
    • Part 4: Mason arrives in the cafeteria and sees that Tucker was the mysterious letter's sender.
    • Part 5: Mason and Tucker continue arguing about the 3DS thing, and Tucker threatens to harm Mason unless he gives him the 3DS.
    • Part 6: A mysterious, swirling vortex forms on the 3DS, and Mason and Tucker stop arguing.
  • Chapter 2: Uil, Leet, Elty, Tucker, and Mason discover the new Dark One, Nosam...
    • Part 1: Uil is discovered from the mysterious 3DS vortex, and Mason wonders who Uil even is.
    • Part 2: Tucker says that he's gonna smash the 3DS before the vortex gets too big, and Uil falls from the vortex. The vortex stops.
    • Part 3: Uil gets up and warns Mason and Tucker that there is a new, terrible villain approaching.
    • Part 4: Leet and Elt come in to the cafeteria to eat, and they see bruised up Uil. The story is explained.
    • Part 5: "Nosam", Mason's Dark One appears from Mason's 3DS in another vortex. He is obviously confused.
    • Part 6: Nosam promises to be kind, and he joins Fantendo, as everyone believes his words.
  • Chapter 3: The Dark One Army is assembled, and not for a good cause...
    • Part 1: One week passes, and Mason and Nosam are playing the Wii together. Another passes, and they are playing 3DSes, and Mason and Nosam are now close friends.
    • Part 2: Nikki returns from vacation, and learns about Nosam.
      • Part 2.5: Nosam sees a vision of the future where Mason calls Nosam a jerk.
    • Part 3: Nosam and Mason get into an argument about Nosam playing a huge prank on Nikki.
    • Part 4 and on: To be announced...
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